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La Calonne



            Having been living happily for more than twenty years in this village, I have thought it would be worth making it known to the websurfers from France and, why not, the World.

Les Authieux means “the altars” (in French les autels) and the inhabitants are called “les Auteliens”. The reason is that, in the past, there used to be three Churches. Nowadays, we still have the village Church, St Peter, and St Meuf Chapel, the vestiges of a Saint Nicholas Church.

I invite you to visit this charming Norman village in the heart of the “Pays d’Auge”.




                    Situation map

                    Les Authieux, in bygone days

            *        St Peter’s Church

       *        St Meuf Chapel

                    The Calonne River and the surroundings

                    Further information








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