St Meuf Chapel


.This 16th Century Chapel, listed in the Historic Buildings Additional Survey, is the chancel of the ancient St Nicholas parish church, burnt down in 1793, during the French Revolution. Its walls are made of stones. Its Dutch door is decorated with carved panels, dating from the Renaissance and showing St Nicholas, St Barbe, the Virgin, St German, St Anthony, St John the Evangelist, St John the Baptist, and St Roch.

The chapel restoration was decided by the Town Council in 2002. The restoration works started in September 2004, their financing having been completely set up by the Mayor, Mr Lionel Barle, and his Council. They were divided in two phases. The first phase of the work concerned the shell of the building and the roof. This was completed in 2005.

The Chapel before the restoration work

The roof under repair


The second phase  concerned the realization of a floor made of old stone slabs, the restoration of the framework of the vault and the walls, highlighting the polychrome paintings hidden by a coating of paint, and finally the fixing of stained-glass windows. This phase was completed in late December 2006. The following pictures show the scope and the quality of the completed renovation work.



   The carved panels of the door, as they were before







                                      The Chapel door, now restored




The inside of the Chapel, such as before

Renovated wall-paintings




The old vault in poor condition

The vault completely remade and painted

The door, inside


The “glory” beam


The stained-glass windows

Saint Meuf

Saint Nicholas


                                    Saint Roch

The Virgin

   Saint John the Baptist

The financing of this restoration has been provided, for the most part, from subsidies given by the “Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Basse-Normandie”, the “Conseil Général du Calvados”, Mr Yves Boisseau MP, and also from donations made by the “Association Sauvegarde de l’Art Français”, the Langlois Foundation and the “Association Saint Meuf Renaissance”, which, in partnership with the “Fondation du Patrimoine” (Heritage Foundation), has collected donations from individuals and companies, motivated by this remarkable renovation.



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